Offline Marketing Techniques that are Still Effective


Over time, marketing techniques that were once popular are put aside for new, more exciting options in the hopes that staying ‘current’ will help to lure those all important customers.

But, is offline marketing an area that should be avoided? Is there any value to it or should you focus all of your marketing time and budget on online campaigns? We think there is still a place for offline marketing for certain types of business, so we’ve put together our three favourite techniques that still work.

Direct Mail

Some days, I receive hundreds of marketing emails from companies, all vying for my attention, telling me their offer is the best and that if I buy now, I’ll get a great deal. What happens to these emails? well, at least 95% are deleted without even being opened. Having been on the sending end of an email marketing campaign as well as the receiving end, I’m painfully aware that open rates for most email marketing campaigns are low if you’re a small business.

Postal advertising is something that is becoming less and less frequent, so by sending your marketing materials through the post, you’re reducing the amount of competition to be seen.

For direct mail, you have a couple of options. Firstly, you can purchase mailing lists online, targeting consumers that have indicated they are interested in certain products or services, or that fit within a certain profile that is likely to buy your products. Then you can print out and mail your promotional material to those people, with the likelihood that a small percentage may make an enquiry.

The second option is to go out and deliver your marketing materials (or arrange for someone else to do it for you). If you have a local shop or provide a home service, this is a great way to drum up new business. Don’t forget, adding a promotional code to your marketing materials will also increase your chances of converting.

Commercials & Billboards

If you have a higher marketing budget for your local (or even national) promotions, commercials and billboards are a great way to get noticed. Local radio stations offer different advertising packages, so your 30 seconds ad could potentially reach thousands of people. Get your ad played during commuting times and you’ll further increase your audience.

If you want to go big, you could also consider tv commercials to up your audience to millions. If you’re wanting to go niche or make your budget go further, you can advertise on one of the additional or speciality channels.

Another great way to get your business infront of people is with billboard advertising. Billboards on busy streets can get you a lot of attention. Additional options, depending on your product, are advertising spaces on bus shelters, benches and bins.

Ad Walkers

Taking a step up from leaflet distributors, ad walkers literally wear a billboard on their back promoting your business while handing out your promotional materials. As many people try to avoid leafet distributors, having a big sign is a great way to catch attention and attract enquiries from passersby who realise you’re advertising something they actually need!

Try these offline marketing techniques alone, or even combined with your online marketing, and you’ll start to get results, regardless of your business size.