4 Advantages Of Offline Marketing

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In modern business, many people will tell you that traditional forms of marketing are no longer relevant. We don’t believe that is entirely accurate, some forms of offline marketing can still be highly effective for certain businesses.

Here we discuss 4 benefits of offline marketing.

  1. Online advertising is constant. If you visit a website, a cookie is downloaded to your computer, so the chances are that everywhere you go from that point forward, you’ll see related ads. Visit Google and you’ll see paid ads at the top of the search results and a page dedicated to paid shopping ads. You’re not even safe on social media with ads on Facebook and at the beginning of YouTube videos. And the worst part? 95% of the ads aren’t even relevant to you. So how is offline marketing different? Well, for a start, the amount of offline marketing has decreased drastically, so you have a higher chance of being seen. Also, depending on your business type, a flyer through a letterbox can drum up new local customers that might not have been targeted effectively with your online ads. Do you have a local food establishment? Pop your menu through doors. After a hard day at work, your flyer for a pizza with free local delivery or a special bundle option might be highly appreciated! Run a wedding photography business? Why not pop into some wedding dress shops and asked if you could leave some flyers for their customers. Opening a new local shop? Get those flyers out explaining what you’re offering and where you are. Opening offers or discount codes are always great for pulling in customers.
  2. SEO doesn’t happen overnight, so it can take a while to build brand awareness online. If people don’t know about your business or products, they can’t buy from you. Get your marketing materials printed as soon as possible and distribute them in your local area. As your online marketing picks up momentum, you can extend your target audience. You can get some great deals online for leaflet printing, even in small batches, so you don’t need to spend massive amounts of money when you’re first starting out.
  3. Wanting to take your offline advertising up a level and target a wider or older audience? Why not consider newspaper advertising. Local, daily newspapers will offer cheaper ads for businesses, however, if your budget allows, you can advertise in national newspapers as well. Another great option for advertising products is magazine editorials. These ads are highly effective as they are integrated into an article that, to the non-marketer, looks like a regular article reviewing products. These ads feature your product image, some info about why the product is great, the price and where to buy. If your industry has specialist magazines, it’s worth checking whether editorial ads are available.
  4. Another great way to implement offline advertising is providing promotional items to your customers when they make a purchase. A high street lingerie store provided branded bags of scented beads with your purchase, great for placing in your underwear drawer and a useful reminder of where you bought that trusty bra that’s now needs replacing! An online vitamin brand takes it a step further by sending gifts that can be used every day, a perfect way to get people talking about your brand. Each envelope contains hair scrunchies, a keyring and stickers. If you place a larger order with them, promotional items include a bear shaped backpack, hairbrushes and furry bear cosmetic bags. Of course, there are the old trusty favourites such as coasters, pens, mugs and usb sticks. There are a wide selection of companies online that provide branded items, many that offer small batches.

Online marketing techniques continue to lead the way but combining them with offline promotion can help you to cover all bases and target the widest number of potential customers possible.