How to Create an Effective Marketing Video

marketing videoDid you know that videos are one of the most popular and effective methods of marketing your services online? There’s been a study to show that many users would rather watch a video than read a long paragraph about your business.

Although videos are highly effective, it’s still essential to create a video that will instantly catch the attention of your customers. You’d also want to make a video concept that can help improve the engagement on your social media page. To get started, follow our useful tips below.

Create an impact at the beginning

The first few seconds of your video is important as this is the part when you can either get people to get interested and watch your video or leave. You want to make sure the introduction is appealing and interesting so that users will stay and watch the rest of your video.

Keep it short

Most marketing videos only last a few seconds. Generally, the maximum length shouldn’t be longer than 60 seconds. However, this will depends on the message you’re trying to put across on your video. Bear in mind that having a short video is more favourable and users will more likely stay and watch the video. Videos longer than three minutes will more likely get crossed off by viewers.

Don’t oversell

When creating a concept, ensure that you’re not over-promoting as this can put your viewers off. Instead, have a different approach by showing how they can benefit from buying or using your products and services. You may come across as aggressive when you’re trying too hard.


The video should have a storytelling concept where users are more likely to engage. Storytelling has more impact as customers can relate to your video. It could be adding humour or creating an inspirational video.